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Welcome to Mae’s Market! This virtual store was created to help raise donations for and awareness to the resident animals at our sanctuary. Mae’s Market is in dedication to our beloved Holstein heifer, Daisy Mae, and our alpaca cria, River Mae. Both beautiful souls were born nutritionally deficient by means of continuous inbreeding on the horrific farms they were rescued from. No matter what we tried to increase their chances for peaceful survival in this world ultimately they were born already suffering from the hands of cruel humans and died before their time. Each purchase from Mae’s Market goes directly to the animals and helps support their daily nutritional needs. Every animal deserves the best shot at life and you can help the rescued animals at Marley Meadows Animal Sanctuary get what they need.

We hope that Mae’s Market will bring local businesses and talented artist who wish to showcase their work for a charitable cause out to help support our efforts in the fight against farming animals. Information provided on this page allows others to learn more about the horrible conditions some small farms allow their animals to live in and how to stop supporting this abuse. In an effort to change the way this world of humans continues to work against an animal’s rights and their freedom we strongly encourage and support Veganism.

Thank you for looking!

Daisy Mae

River Mae

Below are a few links to articles explaining that small and/or organic farming does not mean cruelty free. The only thing truly cruelty free is veganism.

The alpacas & Daisy Mae

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Donated Items

The following items were originally intended for our annual “Winter Break” fundraiser at Eclipse Brewery. However, when Covid-19 hit hard in New Jersey we postponed the event in order to help keep everyone safe. Now, the items are up for grabs online at a fair price so you can still help the animals without leaving your house.

If you would like to donate an item to add to the Market please contact us. Remember that we are a registered 501 (c)(3) public charity and your donation is tax deductible.

Cassidy and 1 of her 5 tiny kittens rescued in the blistering heat during the summer 2020.

Younique Bundle

Sales consultant and sanctuary supporter Kelli Migliore donates a trio of luxury. You’ll receive: 1.Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara in Black 2.Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner in Black 3.Cleansing Stick


Doterra Oils-Orange You Glad You Donated?

A wonderful set of Doterra essential oils including: Wild Orange, On Guard, Passion, Motivation, and Aroma Touch. Donated with love by Linda Hattersley.


Nerdvana Gift Certificate

Support local small business and get something super cool to keep you busy in quarantine. Donated by the kind store owners, they are offering a $50 gift certificate and a gaggle of neat stickers. Located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.


Norwex Bundle

Get squeaky clean without the harmful chemicals! Norwex clothes are durable and safe for everyone including animals! What you’ll get: Scrubbing dish cloth, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a small sample of the concentrated cleaner used to keep your clothes in top shape. Donated with love by board member Tari Clark.


Deluxe Magic Set & $50 Gift Certificate

Lucky Duck’s Deluxe Magic Kit & $50 off towards a special appearance from Rudy Reel.


Artist Donations

We want to give local artist the opportunity to showcase their incredible talent while supporting rescued animals who are in need of continuous funding. Below you’ll see one of a kind artwork pieces donated from talented artist of all ages. In a time when not only small businesses but ALL businesses are at a high risk of collapsing we could use a little more support from one another. Afterall, what would a community be without support from one another?

Coming Soon!

Astrid, Thunderbolt, Quinn, with Fudge and Kuzco in the back.

Do you want to add your artwork? Contact us today!

“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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