Adopt Me

Thankfully it’s a short list right now, but these survivors need loving homes. Can you help?


Spartacus was rescued late one hot summer night when we got a call that a kitten was found dying underneath someone’s car. He was starving, had visible bite wounds, only 1 eye opened and working, and had an awful upper respiratory infection disabling his ability to breathe, smell food, and locate other necessary scents to thrive outside. He honestly didn’t look like he would make it through the night. Being as it was the weekend and there was no one else to call other than someone like us, a small non-profit rescue trying to make a difference however we can, we took him right in. We had little resources or funding at the time since relocating to Cumberland County and Covid-19 had stripped us of so many valuable attainable donations. Regardless, we knew Spartacus deserved to live and not be left out in the cold to die alone and unloved.

He was so tiny then and now, after a lot of food, endless love, antibiotics, flea medication, and belly rubs Spartacus has made a complete recovery. All, but one thing. Spartacus is FeLV positive. That means he must remain in a home that is only his (as far as other felines). FeLV is highly contagious to other cats and weakens the immune system terribly. Sparky will have times throughout his life where he will need antibiotics to fight off infections, but he has been a spitfire and healthy ever since he recovered from his initial injuries. We estimate his age to be around 8 months old and he will be fixed and vaccinated at People for Animals mid-January. If you would like more information about Sparky you can email us. For an application for adoption please click the link below.


Spartacus has been adopted! BY US!! We have come up with a wonderful plan to build him, and any FeLV positive cats we can save, a new place. With an approved grant we will be able to complete it this year along with saving many more lives through TNVR and adoptions. Stay posted for updates!