Community Grant Awarded

A huge THANK YOU to our local Walmart in Millville for awarding our organization with a $500 grant! This money will help us provide 1 week of food to over 50 resident cats along with 1 weeks supply of hay for our residents farm animals.

If you would like to contribute to our mission or know someone who would please contact Heather Ailie at or check out our easy click links to donate directly at

Marley Grey & Heather Ailie

Donations at Work

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When we work together magic happens!

The opertaing cost of running an animal sanctuary can run as much as a couple hundred thousand dollars just to survive. In this line of work the animals we rescue stay here with us forever. We provide a safe and loving home to each animal that needs us and that means our costs to maintain wellness will always rise. To meet those demands, as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity, we rely on the public to help finance and support our mission. Without it the animals here will suffer so we are constantly looking for ways to keep everyone fed, housed, healthy, and happy.

As a small organization we also look for supportive companies and other organizations that believe in our mission and want to help others like we do. Recent grants such as have helped us keep the animals fed and continue on with our hard work. If you have an American made truck and use it in your every day work I strongly encourage you to click the link and apply, too! We use our truck as tool every single day on the sanctuary.

If you know of any other companies willing to help rescued animals in need or nonprofit charities please contact us or attach a link in the comments so everyone can benefit. If you would like to make a personal donation you can send us a check to;

Marley Meadows Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

20 Newell Rd.

Leesburg, NJ 08327-2011

You can also donate online at:


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You can also use Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp. Just look for MarleyMeadowsNJ or click the link below!


Adopt Me

Thankfully it’s a short list right now, but these survivors need loving homes. Can you help?


Spartacus was rescued late one hot summer night when we got a call that a kitten was found dying underneath someone’s car. He was starving, had visible bite wounds, only 1 eye opened and working, and had an awful upper respiratory infection disabling his ability to breathe, smell food, and locate other necessary scents to thrive outside. He honestly didn’t look like he would make it through the night. Being as it was the weekend and there was no one else to call other than someone like us, a small non-profit rescue trying to make a difference however we can, we took him right in. We had little resources or funding at the time since relocating to Cumberland County and Covid-19 had stripped us of so many valuable attainable donations. Regardless, we knew Spartacus deserved to live and not be left out in the cold to die alone and unloved.

He was so tiny then and now, after a lot of food, endless love, antibiotics, flea medication, and belly rubs Spartacus has made a complete recovery. All, but one thing. Spartacus is FeLV positive. That means he must remain in a home that is only his (as far as other felines). FeLV is highly contagious to other cats and weakens the immune system terribly. Sparky will have times throughout his life where he will need antibiotics to fight off infections, but he has been a spitfire and healthy ever since he recovered from his initial injuries. We estimate his age to be around 8 months old and he will be fixed and vaccinated at People for Animals mid-January. If you would like more information about Sparky you can email us. For an application for adoption please click the link below.


Spartacus has been adopted! BY US!! We have come up with a wonderful plan to build him, and any FeLV positive cats we can save, a new place. With an approved grant we will be able to complete it this year along with saving many more lives through TNVR and adoptions. Stay posted for updates!

Join Us!

And be a part of something truly special.

The year 2020 has been epically chaotic and every living, breathing, conscience living entity has had their life drastically altered on our Earth. And I don’t want to lose this perfect planet just like humans have seem to have lost their humanity. Everyone MUST do their part to help one another instead of challenging each other in this impossible race. If our planet dies no one wins.

So start NOW. Do what you can to make this a better world before it’s too late. Don’t ignore the very facts in front of your eyes when we have the technology, the empathy, and the ability to call out evil when we see it.

Where you can start: At home

We become what we learn but how much do we really know? Time to put your knowledge to the test. Check out the list below and watch these award winning documentaries so you can learn more about living a cruelty free life.


The Game Changers (Netflix) Trailer: here:



Food Inc. (Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, Fandango Now, and many other providers) Trailer:

What the Health (Netflix) Trailer:

Forks Over Knives (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV) Trailer:

Okja (Netflix) Trailer:

Maximum Tolerated Dose:

Blackfish (Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others) Trailer:

Next, clean out your kitchen and closet: GO VEGAN

I understand how scary changing can be but you know what’s even more scary? A painful death, watching your loved ones die a painful death or even WORSE knowing that your loved ones are suffering and you cannot even touch them and hold them one last time.

What I believe this year has taught us not only as a nation but as a species is that we are not invincible. We are not Gods, we are not infallible, we are not perfect, BUT we have the ability to change and do better when we know better. We have the ultimate responsibility to lead with compassion and understanding and it must begin with you.

We can do it together! I certainly haven’t been vegan all my life and I’m learning every day how to be a better human to all species. Despite my severe disability and continuous struggle with mental health I choose, every day, to do better in this world than I did yesterday. If I can do it you can, too! Let us help you by inspiring you through real animal connections.

Animals are friends not food or fur!

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